Keeping up With COVID-19

We Are Here to Help!

In these difficult times it is important that we all work together to ensure that your practice continues to operate and that your business and clinical goals are achieved.

The way you practice medicine has probably changed since the beginning of this pandemic. We want you to know that we are here for you, your staff and your patients. The Hello Health team is working remotely and managing all customer requests as usual.

To further assist you and your practice, we suggest that all practices take advantage of the communication tools already available through Hello Health and PortalConnect.

With these tools, your patients can communicate their healthcare needs from the comfort and safety of their homes. We encourage you to reach out to your patients with our secure messaging tool and if they haven’t already, please ask your patients to sign-up to PortalConnect.

It is important that your patients understand that you can continue to provide them with a reliable means of communicating with your practice throughout the duration of this coronavirus outbreak.

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Hello Health response to COVID-19 outbreak

In response to the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Hello Health’s role is to help ensure that medical professionals continue to provide quality care to their patients. Click here to read about our actions to date.

Hello Health Recommendations

Here are some of our suggestions to help your practice adjust to these changes and to increase workflow efficiency with the tools you currently have in the platform.

If you are unsure how these tips can be set up, please contact your Account Manager or contact The Hello Health Support Team for further assistance.

The following codes are now available in Hello Health:

  • U07.1 COVID-19
  • U07.0 Vaping-related disorder
tip1 hellohealth

Make appointments available online to your patients for convenient scheduling without requiring telephone time and restrict patients from booking certain types of visits such as “Office” visits.

tip1 hellohealth

Make any modifications to your existing appointment categories within or on behalf of the Provider’s account located in the “Admin” section. Be sure to make your appointment category visible to patients for online booking purposes.

tip2ß hellohealth

Making a specific search query, provides you with a fast and effective approach to pinpoint a certain demographic or criteria of patients when trying to communicate a message to that specific group at once.

tip3-1 hellohealth tip3-2 hellohealth

If you are looking for a way to easily flag a patient who is experiencing any precautions such as respiratory difficulties, we propose using the “Precautions” section located on the patient’s card.

tip4-1 hellohealth tip4-2 hellohealth

We understand many practices have closed and are only accepting telephone visits and/or emails. We recommend that our users offer booking options for telephone visits and secure messaging.

tip5 hellohealth

Manage the automatic billing components and start charging for email communications. If you’re interested and your merchant account is not currently set up with Hello Health, please contact your Account Manager or contact The Hello Health Support Team for further assistance.

tip6 hellohealth

We realize that your practice may be experiencing an increase of secure messages and recommend setting up an auto-response to inform patients of the high-volume of messages and in result of this, any changes to the expected response time or office policies.

tip7 hellohealth

To further assist with the changes that come along with these unprecedented times, we suggest using the Provider library to easily share generic information to all patients of any changes to your office policies automatically by publishing the folder to all patients.

tip8 hellohealth