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This standalone solution is not integrated within Hello Health. Along with these resources, our staff will facilitate your implementation and initial training.

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FAQs Backline Telehealth

Once our Hello Health Support Team has created your Backline account, you will receive an email from: with a link to register.

Before you log in, you will need to register via the invitation email. If you do not receive the email, please make sure to check in your spam folder.

  1. The registration link expires in 21 days.
  2. If the link expires, please contact our Hello Health Support Team to have the invitation resent.
  3. The link will take you to the Backline registration screen to create a password, answer security questions, and accept the Terms of Use before proceeding.
  4. To view the Terms of Use, click on “Terms of Use“ and another window will open to display them for you to review.

The web address to access Backline is

For future reference, it is best to bookmark this website. Once you access the website, enter your username and password.

Please Note: After more than five unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked for 15 minutes and you will receive a notification email.

Our recommended web browser is Google Chrome. For easier access to Backline in the future, you can use the star icon to bookmark the site.

You can also follow the steps below to save a Chrome shortcut to your desktop.

  1. Once on the login screen, click on the dots in the top corner of the toolbar.
  2. Hover over More Tools, and select Create Shortcut. tip3 backline telehealth hellohealth
  3. Rename the shortcut to Backline.

Your username is the email you have registered when creating the account.

To reset the password, you can go to the website and click on the option “Reset Password”.

You can use a mobile device to access Backline by installing the Backline mobile app from the iOS or Android app store.

Once installed, you can use the same login for the mobile app as well. Most functions will be similar across both applications.

You can access our mobile-specific app here:

To chat with a patient, you must first create the patient from the “Patients” tab from the Backline platform and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the blue + icon located on the left side of the search feeds.
  2. Select “Create New Patient Chat”. tip6-1 backline telehealth hellohealth
  3. Enter the required information (first name, last name, date of birth, MRN number (Hello Health ID Number), gender and valid US phone number. .
  4. Click “Save Patient”.
  5. Once the patient has been saved, select the blue “Chat with Patient” link at the top right of the window. tip6-2 backline telehealth hellohealth .
  6. Please ensure that you have been redirected to the “1-on-1" tab to start chatting with your patient. tip6-3 backline telehealth hellohealth .

To make the “Start Video Call” option available, you must first initiate a chat with the patient from the “1-on-1" tab.

If you haven’t initiated a chat with the patient before, you must follow the instructions from “How can I start using Backline to chat with my Patients”.

If a chat has been initiated with a patient from the “1-on-1” tab, the chat window will remain available on the left side panel.

Once the patient has been selected from the left side panel, within that chat window you will see the option displayed to select “Start Video Call”.

No, they will not need a Backline account. As a Backline user, you will initiate the secure chat with the recipient and be able to initiate video chat. The patient or user will receive a link via text message or email that will lead them to join the video chat.

To remove a patient, you will need to exit the chat window. To do this:

  1. Select the patient in the “1-on-1" tab.
  2. Select “Leave Chat” on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Select “Yes” in pop-up window.

It is important to review your settings when logging in for the first time to ensure that your personal account settings are configured to your preference.

At the top right hand-side of the screen, you can click on the arrow to open the Settings menu, which allows you to set various options for your Backline account.

You can update your profile information, change your password, modify privacy settings such as who can view your email address and phone number. As well as, modify Configurations for SMS Reminders, Email Reminders, and Urgent Message Reminders.

You will see an orange badge notification with the number of unread messages within each chat type. A red badge notification will display with a numerical value indicating the number of urgent messages awaiting acknowledgment within each chat type, if applicable. Please note that you could also customize reminders by:

  1. Login to Backline.
  2. Click on your name at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Reminders.

Currently, this option is not available. You will have to manually add each individual patient into Backline at the time of initiating a chat or video visit.

To add a patient, you must use the option “1-on-1" from the Backline platform.

Please contact the Hello Health Support Team if you require an export of a chat.

Any chats within Backline will not appear in Hello Health since this is a standalone solution that is not integrated into the EHR.

The video visits are not recorded.

The Provider must continue standard visit documentation within the Hello Health platform.

This option is not available, only video calls can be made with one contact at a time.

Backline only accepts US phone numbers, however; the Provider can use the patient’s email address to initiate a secure video visit.

Your email invitation could be in your SPAM folder. Please be sure to check for any emails from

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