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We continually strive to make it the most powerful, convenient and user-friendly platform.
Learn more in these video tutorials about specific new Hello Health features and releases.

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Version 7 Videos

Release Tutorial - Hello Health 7 Overview
Release 7

Sept. 10, 2014


Lab tutorials - Custom Panels
Custom Panels

Feb. 12, 2015

Lab tutorials - Lab Tab Review
Lab Tab Review

June 3, 2014

Lab Tutorials - Ordering a Lab
Ordering a Lab

June 3, 2014

iPad Check-in Process Tutorial

This video will show you the iPad check-in process from a patient perspective and how it interacts with the Hello Health platform.

Version 6 Videos

Release Tutorial - Version 6.7
Release 6.7

June 2014

Release Tutorial - Version 6.6
Release 6.6

January 2014

Release Tutorial - Version 6.5
Release 6.5

November 2013

Release Tutorial - Version 6.4
Release 6.4

October 2013

Release Tutorial - Version 6.3
Release 6.3

September 2013

Release Tutorial - Version 6.2
Release 6.2

August 2013

Release Tutorial - Version 6.1
Release 6.1

June 2013

Version 6 Documents

See what's new in version 6.0 since May 2013 regarding:

  • Recommended resolution
  • Online “What’s new?” information
  • Changes in application header
  • Improved Overview, Scheduling, Patient Card
  • Enhanced Document Reviewer, Medication and Prescription, Notification Dashboard
  • Export Health Record and clinical summary enhancements
  • Patient related tasks , Advanced search, and more...

iPad Check-In kiosk

Patients provide their essential personal information, enter or validate demographic information, confirm appointment details, and safely make a payment.

It also allows patients to enroll to the secure patient portal, making possible for physicians and patients to communicate and engage electronically.

The entire Check-In application process is in full compliance with HIPAA standards.

Version 5 Videos


June 2012

Version 5 Documents

Click the link below to view the following information in a single PDF: Getting Started, Membership Plans, Staff Portal and Billing Process.