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The Ins and Outs of the Platform

Training ManualHello Health Training Manual

Module 1 – Administrative

This training video reviews the administrative aspect of Hello Health. You will learn about the Hello Health scheduling system, how to use the Task functionality, managing your eFax inbox, invoicing patients, and using the Message Inbox. You will aslo learn how to manage your admin section, conducting panel searches, utilizing the advanced search functionality, creating clinical decision reminders, generating CQM and MU reports and managing your documents via the provider library.

This training module reviews the Merging Patient Records workflow.

Module 2 – File Management

This training module reviews the management of a Hello Health patient file. In this module, you will learn about how to manage a patient's EHR, update their demographics and insurance information.

Module 3 – Visit Documentation

This training module reviews the documentation of a patient visit. After completing this module, you will understand how to document a patient visit, conduct a video visit, create a Custom Event record, create and use templates, and export visit records.

Module 4 – Orders and eRX

This training module reviews the Lab and eRx modules within Hello Health. This training module will equip you to utilize the the Surescripts eRx integration, and to use Hello Health's lab integration to send requisitions and receive results. You will also learn to use the Orders dashboard to send/receive referrals and order process radiology orders.

Module 5 – eLabs Training

This training module reviews the eLab ordering feature.

This training module reviews the eLab Reception workflow.

Module 6 – Advanced Search & Clinical Decision Reminders

This training module reviews the Advanced Search & Clinical Decision Reminders.