Catherine T.

Catherine Toro, General Manager at Hello Health.

Catherine Toro, Hello Health Support

I’ve been working with Hello Health for over 7 years, working in various departments within the Company. As Team leader, I work closely in collaboration with different teams amongst the company such as Finance, Marketing, Development, Account Management and Support to ensure operations run smoothly and to provide excellent customer experience. Working especially close with Support, I make sure that I am well informed of any customer requests that are submitted. I believe every person in our Team plays an essential part of Hello Health and the company’s success.

Representing the company brand in different events has given me the expertise to help improve our software and overall customer experience. Personally, I consider strategic thinking, passion and foresight are all important assets for my current position. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, sharing dinner with friends and practicing yoga. I am originally from Colombia and a proud Canadian. In my house we speak three languages, Spanish, English and French, including the cat, which can make for an interesting dynamic.

My belief is you are never too old to dream a new dream.