Kara S.

Kara Sehl, Account Manager at Hello Health.

Kara Sehl, Hello Health Support

Having had experience working in Support, Implementations, Training and Sales, I am very familiar with all Departments of Hello Health. My primary responsibilities are making sure Hello Health’s clients are satisfied, administrative tasks are completed, and all questions are addressed accordingly within an efficient time frame. What I enjoy most about working at Hello Health is my co-workers. We are like one big family here and work great together as a Team.

Currently, I oversee managing our accounts and any future accounts to join us. I like working closely with Support to ensure our customers are happy and to immediately address if any issues arise. Professionally speaking, this has been the longest place of work for me, being with Hello Health for over 5 years now.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family, taking long walks with our great pyrenes mountain dog and exploring the city with family and friends. I love to travel when I can and attend music festivals, as I am a big lover of music of all kinds. I study French once a week and, on the side, I love to do photography for family and friends. Living in a French community as an anglophone can be interesting to say the least when communicating. Every day I learn something new and I strive to be fully bilingual someday soon.

My motto in life is to find something positive in each day, which is not hard when you love what you do.