Kara S.

Hi! I’m Kara. Some interesting facts about me:

Kara Sehl, Hello Health Support
  • I love being a Mom.
  • I am a photographer at heart.
  • I am a Military Spouse.

I am from Ontario, but have lived in the beautiful province of Quebec for 4 years now. I am a middle child, with an amazing and supportive family. I am happily married with one child. I love to spend my free time at home with my son and husband. I have had various jobs in customer service, and I love to make my co-workers laugh. I enjoy being a part of Hello Health’s Support Team because everyone is kind-hearted here. I appreciate when people go out of their way for one another, and I truly believe that this is very important when working as a team. At work, I enjoy making people smile, and going above and beyond expectations!