Prescilla Larivee

Prescilla Larivee, Customer Support Agent at Hello Health.

Prescilla Larivee, Hello Health Support

Upon completing my Business Administration program from Eastern College, I have acquired many skills. I have also touched base with Marketing and Human Resources and Business Law. I am fluent in English and French. I have also accumulated many years of excellent customer service, which helps tremendously in my current position at HelloHealth.

As a customer support agent, I receive many different cases each day from our customers, that makes my day always fun and challenging. I enjoy solving the puzzles that are presented to me and feel great when finding solutions to the puzzles. I enjoy the diversity in the cases that come my way and take them head on.

When I’m not problem solving, I enjoy spending my time (and money, haha) with my 8 pets (2 dogs and 6 cats). Never a dull moment with them. I enjoy curling up and reading a good book with either a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate for the cold weather up here in Quebec. I’m originally from New-Brunswick but moved with my husband as his career progresses in his line of work.

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