The Hello Health Express – May 2018

Our product team is working hard on making new enhancements to the platform that will help you work better, not harder. Here is a sneak peak of what is coming up in our next release:

Group Appointments

You will be able to schedule group appointments for families, education purposes, etc. by selecting “Group Appointment” in the event type and adding the attendees.


In the patient card, you will be able to give all providers and staff an easy visual cue of key information about a patient, such as a fall risk.

Patient Appointment Page

Easily access all patient appointment information in a new section that will show past and upcoming visits and offer the ability to print a list of upcoming appointments for patients.

Visual Cue for Unsigned Visit Note

We will be adding a visual cue for unsigned visit notes, allowing you to easily see how many unsigned notes a patient has.

Automatic Tasks

On the overview page and task section, you will be able to turn on automated tasks for abnormal lab results and unsigned visit notes, as well as if a patient is deceased.

Staff Access

Practices will be able to restrict staff access to specific sections of Hello Health by requesting this from our Support Team.

Amendment Requests

Hello Health will offer the option for providers to “Acknowledge all” amendment requests with a simple click of a button.

Provider Schedule View

Hello Health will offer the option for providers to see the schedule of other providers in the office. No more switching back and forth between a provider and staff account just to view the schedule of another provider.

Revamped Visit Section

We will be revamping the visit section with a new look and more options.

Comment section for Visit Cancellation

Staff and providers will be able to enter a free-text comment when cancelling a visit.

Meet Our New Support Agent – Yancy Moreira:

Yancy Moreira

“Having gained lots of customer service experience through the years, I am able to contribute my kind attitude and hard work ethic to the Hello Health Support Team, ensuring the doctors and patients we work with are happy.”

Get to Know Yancy