Release 4.1 – a redesigned Patient Portal

We have improved the patient portal to simplify account and health record updates. Patients are now guided more efficiently through the platform where there is a clear, direct access to the health record.

Version 4.1 includes many other features on both the provider and patient sides, including: shared membership plans between providers, family plans with delegates, the use of the activation key to enable a patient’s account, a shared library between patient and provider, modifications in the scheduling process and several other improvements.


Patient Portal

Many sections have changed in both the naming and the contents of the patient portal’s sections. For example, all health information is now located in the new Health Record section and all personal data that is not medical is now in the Account section. The Library allows for the uploading and sharing of documents with the patient’s physician(s). Also, a new carrousel display makes it possible for patients to easily manage their family members’ accounts. Additionally in version 4.1, patients can now subscribe to more than one membership plan.

New Patient Creation

Starting in version 4.1, patients must enable their account using an activation key that is generated automatically by the system. Doctors who create patient accounts must provide these patients with the activation key. Patients must then go to either the provider’s site or directly to to complete their account information and enter their activation key. Also, regarding new patients, providers who create accounts are now required to enter very little patient info on their end, only: name, date of birth, gender and time zone. After the account is created, the provider is taken to the patient’s medical record section where he/she can enter more data, including membership subscription and payment info.

Membership Plans Shared Between Providers

On the physician’s portal, in the Memberships section, there are now two lists of plans: My Memberships and My Shared Memberships. Shared memberships are the ones that a provider offers to patients in collaboration with other providers. Upon creating a plan, as plan issuers, providers have the option to add colleagues.

Family Plans with Delegates

Patients can now add participants themselves to the family plan they are subscribed to. In the Memberships section, they may create a new participant account or add a participant who already has a Hello Health account. For existing accounts, patients must enter the participant’s activation key. Patients who add a family member to their plan must decide whether the account actions are delegated to them by selecting a checkbox. This option can be edited at any time. When delegating an account, the participant appears in the patient’s carrousel to the left of the screen for quick selection.

Shared Documents through the Library

It is now possible for providers and patients to share documents in the Library section of the platform. On the patient side, the Library is available in the Health Record section and new documents are uploaded in the My Uploads section. Every time a patient adds a file to his or her My Uploads folder, the provider can view and approve it. Files added by the provider cannot be edited on the patient side. On the provider side, an Archives folder was added to archive and delete files. Providers can now create folders and subfolders and move files from one folder to the other. Providers choose whether or not they want to share files with their patients (make them visible on their end).

Extended Staff Rights

Providers’ staff members no longer have to select a provider in the carrousel in order to book an appointment. Staff members are allowed to go directly to the Scheduling section and, there, add an event for one of the providers on their team. In the staff’s Scheduling section, staff members can view all the team’s schedules and perform different types of searches.

Other Changes

Also on the Hello Health platform, in version 4.1:

  • In the Scheduling section, Doctors can now indicate ‘Blocked Time’ and ‘Out of Office’ as events, in addition to ‘Visit’. When booking an appointment, the doctor can add details in the Patient Instructions tab. It’s also possible for providers to determine default working hours and the default scheduling view in the Settings section;
  • In the doctor’s Agenda, visit categories are now displayed as a colored vertical rectangle instead of a small square, for better visibility;
  • When scheduling an appointment, patients can now click the ‘Find next available appointment’ link to select the closest available time;
  • Patients can now subscribe to more than one plan at a time (same or different provider(s));
  • When a patient subscribes to a plan that is shared between two providers, both of these providers are added to the patient’s care team;
  • When editing a membership plan’s description, doctors can send a notification to colleagues and/or subscribed patients. It is strongly recommended to notify everyone that is involved with the membership plan when performing such modifications;
  • In the patient’s medical record, in the Private Info section of the provider portal, the Occupation section was added;
  • The patient’s pharmacies are now synched to the provider portal. Doctors can therefore view their patient’s pharmacy information;
  • When attaching a document to a secure message, it is now possible to select a file from the Hello Health Library.

The team at Hello Health would like to extend a huge Thank You to our dedicated physicians that played an integral role in this latest release.


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.