Release 3.1 – Family Plans

We're now offering a new type of care plan on our platform that's specifically designed for families. In addition to the standard individual plan, doctors can offer family plans. For each family plan, the doctor can predetermine a specific number of participants and offer different services. Also in version 3.1, we have simplified the user's password management, added useful information to the patient medical record and improved the patient validation process.

Family Plans: Centralize Members of a Family for Better Patient Management

You can now create both individual and family plans. For family plans, you get to decide the maximum number of participants that are allowed for each subscribing group. When a patient subscribes to this type of plan, they must indicate whether they are the plan owner or a participant in an existing group. Only the owner of the family plan will be billed for the appointments and other charges related to any participant in the group. Plan owners can also add (and remove) participants at any time, including children. On participant creation, the relationship to the owner has to be specified: mother, son, grandfather, and so on. You can view the list of participants associated with a patient-owner in the Membership Plans section of the patient medical record. When the owner of a group plan books an appointment, he/she must specify the participant for whom the appointment is made. You, as the healthcare provider, can also add participants to a family plan group.

Easily Change a Patient's Password

You can now quickly change a patient's password in the Private Info section of the patient's medical record. Also, patients can change their own password without having to go through the "lost password" loop. They can simply click the Change Password? link directly on their profile.

Add Details to the Patient Chart

We've made improvements to several areas of the patient medical record. You now have the option to include the date for each procedure you add to the patient chart. Additionally, you can indicate the dose, quantity and frequency for all medications on file and so can the patient in his/her PHR. We have also added ICD codes to all items that are part of the medical problem list. You can now view the age of all patients next to their date of birth in the panel to the left of the medical record. In the Family History section, when you add family members, the date of birth is no longer required.

Validate your Patient Identity Using the Patient Number Field

From this version on, you can validate a patient's identity, from the patient's medical record, using the new Patient number field. So there are now three different ways to validate the patients' ID: with the social security number, the driver's license or the patient number. You can choose any of these fields to identify and track patients.

The team at Hello Health would like to extend a huge Thank You to our dedicated physicians that played an integral role in this latest release.


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