Release 3.2 – New Billing Process

We're proud to introduce a new way of effectively managing the billing of visits and other service and supply fees. Doctors now have different ways to proceed when finalizing and billing a visit. Also, all the doctor's invoices on the platform are listed in a single place for a quick review. Additionally, in version 3.2, we present to you the new eRx section, an improved Overview on the doctor side and a few other modifications to the interface.

Invoicing: Choose the way you want to Manage Visits

Doctors can now choose to bill a visit before completing the documentation or finish the documentation and then bill the patient at a later date. They can also bill the visit and complete the documentation simultaneously! Each visit can be managed in a different way. An Invoices section was also added to the My Profile menu, enabling doctors to view all invoices on the platform and to charge fees that are not related to specific visits. Patient-specific invoice lists are available through the patient medical record.

Prescribe Medication from Different Sections on the Platform

In version 3.2, prescriptions are no longer linked to specific visits. Therefore, doctors can start the medication prescription program, NewCrop, from different sections of the Hello Health platform, either from a visit record or not. Also, it is now possible to review and edit all prescriptions from a single place, the eRx section, which increases speed when handling medication prescriptions.

Visit Management in the Overview

Visits and tasks are now sorted in a simpler way, in the Overview section. All tasks are displayed to the left of the screen. Visits of the day are displayed to the right of the screen as well as unfinished past visits. The list of unfinished visits acts as a reminder to either bill, finish documentation or both, to ensure all visit records are finalized. Doctors can click the appointment date to be taken to the visit record and close past visits.

Other Changes: Family Tree and Visit Timer

Patients can now enter their family history information on their end, in their profile. In previous versions of the platform, only doctors could add a patient's family info. Doctors still have the option to edit the family conditions in the patient medical record, whether or not patients chose to enter such information.

Finally, a visit timer was added to visit records, enabling doctors to document the time spent on each appointment. The timer starts when the visit is opened and pauses whenever the doctor browses other sections of the platform.

The team at Hello Health would like to extend a huge Thank You to our dedicated physicians that played an integral role in this latest release.


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.