Release 3.3 – Manage Medications

A New and Standardized Way to Manage Medications

We've redesigned how physicians manage medications in the patient's EHR. It's now easier, faster, and more effortless than ever before. Not only have we improved functionality, but we've ensured this feature's compliance with Meaningful Use.

Also in version 3.3, physicians will find an optimized patient/colleague search tool, a new way to add notes in visit records, as well as many other modifications to the Visits section.

Get Quick Access to the Medications You Select Most

In the EHR, the Update option was added to both the Current and Past Medications sections so that doctors can edit the patient's medication information when necessary. Also, doctors can now manage past medications more freely by transferring them to the current list and viewing past medication details.

When adding a medication to the patient's EHR, the Medication Selector screen enables doctors to find items more efficiently with an automated search filter based on the text that is entered. The doctor's most common medications are made available in the Medication Selector's default list, which include custom medications. Doctors only have to enter a custom medication once on the platform for it to be saved to his or her default medication list.

Find Patients and Colleagues More Easily

The colleague and patient search process was improved to only display results that start with the letters that are entered in the Search field. Also, when entering a patient name or part of the name, a menu listing the matching names is displayed just below the Search field. If the doctor selects a patient directly from this menu, he or she is automatically redirected to the patient's medical record.

Start a New Visit from a Previous Visit's Info

Another new interesting feature in version 3.3 is the possibility to add a visit using part of the patient's previous visit's information. By creating a new visit and then selecting the Past Visit Template option, the doctor can see and edit most of the data that was available in the past visit. Doctors can also click a link to the past visit's screen to view all the past notes.

Other Changes: Modified View in Past Visit and New Info on Superbill PDF

Also in the Visits section of the patient's medical record:

  • The EHR Snapshot panel is no longer displayed in a past visit's Documentation section. This modification was performed to prevent confusion when reviewing past visit data, considering that the current EHR notes do not match the past visit's information.
  • New data was added to the platform's superbill feature. The doctor's Tax ID, which is entered once in his or her profile, is now displayed in the PDF version of all superbills.

The team at Hello Health would like to extend a huge Thank You to our dedicated physicians that played an integral role in this latest release.


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