Release 4.0 – Scheduling, simplified

We've merged the Availabilities and Agenda sections into a single menu to simplify the way physicians set their availability and book /review appointments on the platform. Hello Health's intuitive Schedule Management is now more efficient than ever before.

Physicians will also find many other new features and improvements, including:

  • a new Vitals section that includes growth charts
  • changes to the EHR's allergies, immunizations and social habits
  • a new module for the video conferences
  • a completely redesigned Labs section

Get Quick Access to Every Scheduling Option

Directly in the Scheduling section of the platform, doctors can now select one of three options to manage availabilities, the agenda (visits) or due tasks. Doctors can browse the visit agenda to find specific visits based on the patient, the visit status or the category. Appointment category options can be set through the Settings section under the My Profile menu. For each category, the doctor can determine the duration, the allowed visit types and attribute a specific color code, which appears in the schedule as a visual reference.

Enter and Analyze your Patient's Vitals

Doctors can now access the patient's growth, weight, BMI and blood pressure charts through the new Vitals section, which was added to the patient medical record. This section makes it possible for a doctor to enter vitals that are not related to a specific visit although vitals entered in a visit record are also copied to this area. The Growth info includes all standard charts for both birth to 36 months and 2 to 20 years age categories.

Specify Additional Info in the Patient's EHR

Details were added to the allergy, immunization and social habit information in the EHR. In the Allergies section, it is now possible to indicate whether or not an allergy is active and to display either only the list of active allergies or all the patient's allergy history. For Immunizations, the editing screen offers the possibility to enter several details – dose, administration site, manufacturer, next vaccine date, etc. - but only the vaccine name is required by the system. Finally, in the Social Habits section, at the bottom of the EHR, doctors may now enter patient habits that do not fit the standard categories, in the Other Habits box.

Enjoy the New Video Conference Module

The look and feel of the video conference module was transformed to make the experience more interesting for both doctor and patient. Audio and video options can now be set during the video visit through the Settings screen. Additionally, patient and doctor can send each other instant messages through the Messages screen. Both of these screens can be displayed or hidden depending on your preferences and needs.

Create, View, Print and Send Lab Requisitions

The Labs section was reshaped to provide additional options to physicians. Doctors can easily view the list of all lab tests that have been ordered for their patients and they can also search labs for a specific patient. Several options are available when reviewing requisition details, including sending the requisition or the result to the patient. When ordering a new test, doctors must complete a few steps that are displayed over three different screens, including the patient info, order details, diagnoses and the test selection.

Other Changes: Send an Automated Copy of a Superbill to the Patient

Also new to Hello Health:

  • On the patient side, when two or more doctors add a new patient to their panel, the first time this patient logs in to Hello Health, he or she will have to select a doctor from a screen before subscribing to a membership plan. Also, if the selected doctor is part of a group, members of this group who offer the chosen membership plan will automatically be added to the patient's team;
  • Superbills can now be sent directly to the patient upon creation in the Visits section of the patient medical record, simply by selecting the Send to patient option;
  • The Panel search engine was improved to allow full-name searches that include spaces;
  • It is now possible to upload several files at once to a folder in the medical record's Library;
  • In the medical record's Private Info section, emergency contact options were added to the Relationship menu;
  • There are now three options when a patient's card reaches its expiry date: supply a new card number, select the cash pay option or cancel the billing event;
  • The new Export feature enables doctors to save a PDF file or print a screen capture of different sections of the Hello Health platform, including: availabilities, the agenda and vitals.

The team at Hello Health would like to extend a huge Thank You to our dedicated physicians that played an integral role in this latest release.


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.