5.0 Release Note – Efficiency of Primary Care

Hello Health version 5.0 is certified for Meaningful Use* and Surescripts, and includes many other new features and enhanced workflows. Changes include:

EHR enhancements

  • Separating Drug Allergies from Other Allergies in the EHR
  • Combining Medical Problems and Diagnoses and relabeling them Medical Conditions in the EHR
  • Displaying relevant reminders for Clinical Decision Support

Changes to visit documentation

  • Reorganizing the Assessment and Plan section in the Visit Documentation allowing for diagnosis, assessment, and plan of care to be associated
  • Displaying Past diagnoses in the Diagnosis drop-down list for faster documentation
  • Adding Procedures and access to a frequently used procedures list while documenting a visit
  • Sharing relevant visit information with patient, available in the patient portal when consulting visit details

Medication and prescription

  • Adding a new drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-condition interaction checking module
  • Introducing a seamless, integrated Surescripts certified e-prescribing module including refill management
  • Adding enhanced medication management (CPOE, prepare Rx, send eRx)
  • Facilitating medication reconciliation

Patient education

  • Adding capabilities to send patient education with detailed information about medical conditions, medications or lab results

Patient search and patient reminder lists

  • Adding an advanced search module to search and pull patient lists on multiple criteria
  • Creating and tracking patient reminders

Other enhancements

  • Enhancing task management and adding a unified tasks dashboard
  • Adding task assignments between staff and provider
  • Enhancing superbills to now include patient insurance info, charges and copay
  • Introducing a superbill batch export feature
  • Offering more electronic laboratory requisitions/results suppliers, and ability to comment and share relevant electronic lab results with patient
  • Adding Export/Import enhancements in the patient’s medical record, including submission to immunization registries and syndromic surveillance reporting
  • Enhancing document management with an option to sign off upon review
  • MU & Clinical Quality Measures reports

* Meaningful Use Certification - For providers who are intending to attest for MU Stage 1 incentives, the sections of Hello Health that are currently certified will be marked by the abbreviated Meaningful Use cue (MU Certified). Please inquire about MU training by writing to support@hellohealth.com or refer to our MU specific documentation

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