6.4 Release Note – ImprovementFest

Huge news! Our latest release of the Hello Health platform, version 6.4, features so many updates and enhancements we had to give it a special name at Hello Health HQ: ImprovementFest! Responding to feedback from you, our Hello Health User Community, we made small, medium and large changes all across the system. See below! It's a big list, but we hope you'll take a minute to check it out and let us know what you think. As always, please don't hesitate to contact the Support team with any questions.


Scheduling and Rescheduling is now easier!

  • You can now access the whole calendar when booking an appointment! Just click 'Browse Schedule' when in the 'Add Event' window!
  • You can now search patients by phone number when booking an appointment!
  • A new message warns you when booking outside of working hours.
  • The schedule remembers your viewing preferences between sessions.
  • Patient Instructions Templates!
  • You can see when an appointment was booked by hovering your mouse over an item in the schedule.
  • You can now differentiate Blocked Time and Out of Office events as their 'Notes' are showing as their title.
  • The list view will not show cancelled appointments and "no shows" by default. You can list them if you want by using the 'Filters.'
  • You prefer your schedule split in chunks of 10, 15, 20 minute intervals? You can set your preference in the Scheduling section of your Settings.


  • Made a mistake while editing a multi-line text field? You can now 'undo' your changes!
  • You can share Addendum Notes with your patient.
  • When looking at closed visit notes, the description of procedures are now displayed along with the codes.
  • When looking at the 'EHR Snapshot' in a visit documentation, the codes of each condition is displayed along with their names.


  • We've made improvements on the print-out format of invoices.
  • Users with the required privileges can now refund invoices paid by credit card.
  • You can now see the 'Payment Date' along with the DOS right from the Invoices dashboard.
  • We've corrected the visit invoice date so that it always reflect the date of service.
  • We've made improvements on how the kiosk handles shared credit cards.


  • We've simplified the Lab Ordering workflow!

Patient Library

  • You can now create and apply a standard structure to all patients! Create your structure under the 'Folder Tree' branch of the provider's library, and it will be used as a template for every new patient libraries. For patients who already had a structure of their own, you can apply the new structure from a sub menu of the 'Add Folder' button.

New Advanced Search options

  • You can now search patients by birth dates (e.g. all patients born on April 10, or all patients born on April).
  • We've added some flexibility when searching for patients by membership plans.
  • You have patients in different time zones? You can now use that information in your advanced search!

New templates are now available

  • Patient Instructions (when booking an appointment)
  • Notes section of Blocked Time and Out of Office events
  • Description of Custom Events
  • Message for Patient Education

Secure Messages

  • You can now print secure messages.
  • It is now easier to unlink a patient that was linked to a message.
  • You no longer need to manually fill in the patient's name when saving a message to his medical record.

And many other bug fixes and improvements…

  • VIS material (when relevant) will be sent to the Patient Library when administering a vaccine.
  • Vaccines are now sorted by vaccine name both in the EHR or when exported.
  • You can now add better description to tasks, as the maximum character limit has been increased to 5000 characters!
  • The 'Private Info' section remembers what section you collapsed or expanded.
  • The 'Overview' section remembers your last selection of mail box.
  • Patients can be searched and matched by middle name when eRx is received.
  • New specialties have been added to the list when you edit your professional professional profile.


For full details, access our online videos, offering a closer look at the most recent changes in the Hello Health platform.


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.