6.6 Release Note

Important Reminder

Before each release, Hello Health assesses the platform's requirements to account for changes in technology trends, markets and customer needs.

Starting in March 2014, our user interface will require that you set the resolution of your monitor to 1280x800, or higher.

More powerful and flexible Panel and Simple Search options!

  • Panel and search results now display much faster!
  • New filtering options:
    • Search patients, contacts (guardians, guarantors, plan owners, etc.) or both.
    • Display or hide patient photos.
    • Choose to include or not include inactive patients in your search results
  • The default view now lists the patients’ contact information. Switch back to what you used to see in previous versions by selecting the ‘Demographics’ view.
  • Simply click the Search button without any info in the input box to display all patients of your panel.
  • Pagination replaced with easy-to-use scrolling.

Enhanced panel export functionalities

  • Note that the Actions menu has been replaced with the index_clip_image002 icon.
  • You can now export your search results to Excel regardless of the selected view.
  • When exporting the data from any view, the patient contact information is always added to the exported data, allowing you to easily export call back list for patients appointments.
  • To create a new patient in your panel, use the Add Account link, now located at the top left of the patient list (previously known as “New Patient”).

Easily Manage Family and Parent/Guardian Information

[Note that these features can be set to adjust to your clinic’s specific needs. Contact Support to enable or disable these features.]

  • When creating a new patient account for a patient under the age of 18, you will be prompted to capture the guardian information.
  • When booking an appointment for a patient under the age of 18 without guardian information, you will be prompted to capture this information to complete the patient record.
  • Document the guardian contact information (address, phone # etc.) once and patients will “inherit” this information, so you only need to enter once.
  • Guardians’ names display on the Patient Card.
  • Appointment reminder notifications are now sent to guardians.
  • If the parent/guardian has access to the child’s account in PortalConnect, that patient will now show as an online patient in Hello Health.

Guarantor enhancements

  • The guarantor information is now documented under the Payment Information section.
  • Not only guarantor information applies for insurance, but now, the guarantor becomes the person responsible for the payment of all the charges incurred by a patient (invoices) processed in the Hello Health application.
  • If the patient guarantor is someone already in your panel or documented in the Contacts section for a patient, type and select the name in the auto-complete field. Otherwise, choose the Create Guarantor option.

Overall better and easier contact management

  • New “Contacts” section under Private Info in addition to the Emergency Contact section
  • Guardians, guarantors, plan owners and other important individuals you may need to contact for a patient can now be found in the new Contacts section.
  • You can create new contacts or select an existing account as a contact for another patient.
  • For each contact you capture for a patient, you can indicate if this person:
    • is the patient’s guardian
    • should be given access to the patient’s health record
    • is also a patient, in which case a patient account is automatically created for this new contact

And more…

  • When a patient opts out from a PortalConnect membership plan, a visual cue displays in the Patient Card. This way, you know the patient has already had a trial.
  • It is now possible to document that an invoice, paid by cash or check was refunded.
  • You now have the option to send or not send a notification to the patient regarding one of these events (provided the patient’s email is documented in Hello Health):
    • Appointment update
    • Appointment transfer
    • Appointment cancellation


For full details, access our online videos, offering a closer look at the most recent changes in the Hello Health platform.


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.