6.7 Release Note

Hello Health requires a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800 or 1360 x 768.

Revamped Patient Record Menu

  • New Demographics section (previously called Private Info):
    • Performance has been improved and this section now loads much faster.
    • Demographics section now appears first in the patient’s record menu, and is also the default screen when a staff member opens a patient’s record.
    • You can now document when a patient declines to provide information for Race, Ethnicity and Preferred Language (acceptable for meaningful use attestation).
    • For multiracial patients, you can now document more than one race.

    Note that Clinical Decision Reminders do not display when in the Demographics section, but still display whenever accessing the EHR, Visits section, etc.

  • PortalConnect section: The Membership Plan and Account Settings sub-sections (which were under Private Info in the previous version) are now available here.
  • New Amendment Requests section (replaces the Last Activities section):
    • Staff are now able to view (read-only) the last activities pending review (amendments can however only be approved by Providers).
    • The number displayed in parentheses indicates if there are unreviewed items that require your attention.
    • You can now see the history of all Amendment Requests made by a patient by clicking on “Patient’s Amendment Requests History” located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Messages section: The About and Draft sub-sections are now accessible in the Messages drop down menu next to the Compose Message button.
  • The order of some sections has changed, but all the features you are familiar with are still available.

Revamped Patient Card and Patient Record Card

  • New icons: Here is an overview of their signification:
  • Identity validation


    • Gray “?” if patient is not yet validated.
    • Green “v” if validated.

    Note that you can now find the patient Hello Health ID in the Identity Validation window.

    Sticky note


    • Gray if no note has been documented for the patient.
    • Yellow if notes have been entered.

    Credit card issue

    • Red icon appears if there is no credit card on file or if the credit card is expired.

    Menu icon

    • Click this icon to access the Card menu.

    Resize card


    • Click this icon to expand or collapse the Patient Record Card according to your display preferences.

Faster documentation of procedures in Visits and Superbills

  • You can now conveniently select procedures from your list of configured “Frequently used procedures” (Reminder: Frequently used procedures can be configured in Admin->Settings).
    • In a visit note or in a Superbill, choose “Select from list” and simply check all procedures that apply.

Additional Enhancements

  • New smoking statuses were added in the Smoking Status section.
  • You can now see when an Allergy was last updated.
  • Offspring (children) can be added in the Family History section (note, however, that they do not display in the family tree).


For full details, access our online videos, offering a closer look at the most recent changes in the Hello Health platform.


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