Release Note – August 27, 2015

2D Barcode Support for LabCorp Requisitions

A 2D Barcode is now included in the requisitions for LabCorp, in an effort to speed up the process at the patient service center (PSC).

PortalConnect Enhancements

  • Invoices Available from PortalConnect
    Patients may now view and print their invoices directly within PortalConnect. Therefore, you no longer need to generate and print invoices for patients with active membership plans. Your patients may print their own invoices, and you may refer them to the “Billing History” section of PortalConnect to do so. Note that patients only see invoices that are Paid or in Problem-billing—pending invoices are not displayed in PortalConnect.
  • Credit Card Verification on Patient Login
    When a patient whose credit card has expired logs in to PortalConnect, a warning displays that allows the patient to update the card on-file. Note that patients who choose not to update the information immediately are still allowed access.
  • PortalConnect Access Denied if Unpaid Membership
    When patients whose last membership-plan was not successfully billed (i.e. Problem-billing) log in to PortalConnect, a prompt appears to pay the latest membership fee.

    Please Note:
    • Patients who choose not to pay the required membership fee are denied access to PortalConnect.
    • In a situation where a patient has missed multiple membership payments, only the payment for the last invoice is required. Patients will not be charged for more than 1 term fee to continue using the portal.

Did you know? Wellbox Chronic Care Management

In support of the new Chronic Care Management (CCM) code 99490, Hello Health has launched Wellbox – Hello Health’s complete CCM solution.

Since January, 2015, CMS has been paying for CCM. Providers will be reimbursed for providing specified non face-to-face service to qualified patients over a calendar month.

CMS defines chronic care management as at least 20 minutes of clinical staff time directed by a physician or other qualified health care professional per calendar month. Patients qualify if they have at least two chronic conditions expected to last at least 12 months. Care teams are expected to provide, implement, revise and/or monitor a comprehensive care plan.

That’s where Wellbox can help!

To provide better care to your eligible patients contact your account manager to find out how Hello Health can provide CCM services to your practice.

Plus: bug fixes!


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