Release Note – September 30, 2015

ICD-10 is Here!

As announced, Hello Health is now sending ICD-10 codes to any 3rd party you have an interface with (e.g. billing system, laboratory 3rd party, etc.).

We know the transition may involve a lot of work for the people in your practice, so Hello Health is trying to make it as seamless as possible for you. For this reason, we will keep displaying the corresponding ICD-9 codes along with the ICD-10 codes in both the Medical Conditions section of the EHR and the visit documentation. You will still be able to look for a specific condition/diagnosis using the ICD-9 codes if not yet familiar with the ICD-10 or if unsure about the keywords to use.

CCM Patient Status and Enhanced Advanced Search

(Available to Chronic Care Management customers only. Please contact Hello Health to become a CCM customer.)

In the Demographics section of the patient record, a new Care Programs section has been added. Use this section to document the patient CCM status (Enrolled, Consent Pending, Doesn’t Qualify, Unknown, etc.), as well as additional information such as the start and end dates of the program.

Diagnoses list with ICD-10 code

Performing a patient search for the appointments of the day using the CCM status includes the possibility to specify the patients for whom the CCM Consent form must be printed. For example, you could choose to only print the form for patients whose CCM status is Unknown, Undecided or Consent Pending. Ask your account manager or contact Hello Health support if you need assistance using this new search option.

Diagnoses list with ICD-10 code

Revamped Interface to Capture Diagnoses/Conditions

Hello Health is licensing a technology from Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO), the market leader in medical terminology solutions. Using this intelligent tool, diagnostics are captured through that vendor’s unified terminology. With this release, we are now supporting two new features powered by IMO.

  • A Single Selection May Include Many Codes

    When looking for a diagnosis, you may come across items that are preceded with a icon. This icon indicates that in addition to the ICD-10 code shown in the line, the selection of this item implies other ICD-10 codes (click to display the tooltip details).

    When making a selection that includes many codes, in the EHR and visit documentation, you will only see the "primary" diagnosis, but when creating the superbill or sending the diagnosis to a 3rd party, all codes will be sent as if you had individually selected each of them.

    Diagnoses list with ICD-10 code
  • Non-Principal Dx codes

    When looking for a diagnosis, you may come across items that are preceded with an icon. This icon indicates that the displayed ICD-10 code is either:

    • an External Cause Code (starts with the letter V, W, X or Y)
    • a Manifestation Code
    • a Non-Primary Diagnosis Code

    (click to display the tooltip details).

Remember that you can enter a combination of ICD codes (whether ICD-9 or ICD-10) and keywords to more easily find the code that best corresponds to the patient condition. For instance, first enter the ICD code you are familiar with, then refine your search with keywords.

Combination of ICD codes and keywords

Superbill – Revamped Interface and New Fields

Revamped Interface and New Fields
New Fields
  1. "Prior Authorization Number": equivalent of the CMS1500 box 23.
  2. "Copay Paid On": if the copay has already been collected, use this field to enter the date it was paid on.
Revamped UI
  1. "Save" ("Send to Biller" for those integrated with CollaborateMD) options are now in the upper right corner. When saving or sending a superbill, you will be offered the options to include the descriptions, to send to patient, etc. in a confirmation window.
  2. Additional options to "Send to Patient" or "View PDF" (superbill) are available from the menu, also in the upper right corner.
  3. Additional options
  4. For customers with an interface to CollaborateMD, you will also find the "Send to Biller" option next to "Save".
  5. Send to Biller option

Plus Various Enhancements and Bug Fixes!


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.