Release Note – Version 7

Hello Health features a newly designed header

  • Access to the Admin section is now possible via the new "Admin" tab located in the main application header;
  • Staff members can now easily "Change User" by clicking on the profile picture or name in the top right corner.

Meaningful Use Compliant

  • Hello Health v7 is Meaningful Use 2014 certified complete.
  • The Meaningful Use report was updated to allow providers to select which stage they are attesting to (stage 1 or stage 2).
  • To learn more :

Visit Documentation has been revamped

In addition to a new look, you’ll notice better performance, a new auto-save feature and useful additional functionalities:

  • Enhanced and streamlined documentation process
    • A new Full Screen mode gives you more screen "real estate" while documenting.
    • The EHR Summary can be maximized or hidden.
  • Concurrent users support
    • It is now possible for many users to access and document the Visit Note simultaneously.
    • The number of other users that are currently accessing the Visit Note displays in the visit header.
    • When other users are also documenting a section of the visit, that section becomes "read-only" and displays the name of the user that is currently documenting this section.
  • New subsections in the Care Plan documentation
    • Immunization (administered or planned) can now be documented in the visit.
    • Specific Care Plan instructions can now be documented and shared with the patient.
  • More flexible sharing feature
    • When a visit contains more than one Care Plan, you can now choose which Care Plan(s) should be shared with the patient.
    • Addendums can also be shared (or not) with the patient.

Diagnosis and Medical Conditions

  • Diagnosis and medical conditions can now be documented with a greater accuracy. You will notice that when searching either an ICD-9 code or keyword, more suggestions are presented for selection, allowing you to document the problem or diagnosis with more precision.

Direct Messaging

  • Hello Health now supports the Direct Messaging standard to securely exchange clinical information with other providers or units of care outside of your practice.
  • When receiving or sending Transition of Care/Referral Summaries: if the party with whom you are exchanging the information also has a Direct Message address, you can securely send or receive patient clinical information.
  • Direct Messages sent to you appear as Secure Messages, in the System & Direct mail box (pka System).
  • In order to send or receive Summary Care Records via Direct Messaging, you must obtain a Hello Health Direct account. Contact the Customer Experience Team if you want to use this feature.

Referral and Radiology Orders

  • A new Orders module allows better managing and keeping track of Radiology Orders, Referrals Orders and other custom orders.
    • Orders created in visit documentation can all be accessed from the new Orders tab (dashboard).
    • Referral Orders can be sent via the secure Direct Messaging standard.
    • Orders statuses make it easy to follow up on which orders require your attention, including indication in the Orders tab of how many orders are ready to be reviewed.
    • Radiology results (including images) when available can be attached to the Radiology order.
    • A rolodex is available to manage your contact list which is shared throughout the practice.

Export Clinical Summaries and Summary Care Records

  • When exporting either a Summary Care Record or a Clinical Summary, you can now select which health record or visit sections you want to include.
  • The Clinical Summary now includes more information.
  • You can now select to export/view the Clinical Summary in either HTML or PDF format.
  • With all these enhancements, the Clinical Summary now replaces the previous Provider Notes.

Summary Care Record Import and Clinical Information Reconciliation

  • When receiving a patient Summary Care Record in a supported format, in addition to being able to import the document in the patient record, it is now possible to reconcile and import medications, drug allergies and problems from the imported file directly into the patient EHR.
  • You can now receive Summary Care Records via Direct Messaging when a patient is transitioned to your care. It is then possible to launch the import and reconciliation process directly from the Secure Message.

Patient Lists and Advanced Search

  • Useful new search criteria have been added:
    • Sticky Note: search on keywords in patients’ sticky notes. Useful for occasional patients search, or to create Clinical Decision Reminders for patients that meet some non-clinical criteria (such as balance dues).
    • Vitals: it is now possible to create advanced search queries on vital signs, especially useful for clinical decision or patient education rules.
    • Labs: a new option allows you to specify your search to only look for latest lab results for your patients.

Clinical Decision Support

  • Configuration of CDS offer now more flexibility:
    • The description field now supports URL and rich text for improved notification content and look and feel.
    • New developer, funding sources and revision fields allow to better document and organize your Clinical Decision Reminders.
    • All the Clinical Decision Reminders details are now available from the notification via a new View More option in the pen icon.
  • Practice now has the option to select which users have privileges to create and edit Clinical Decision Reminders.

Patient Education

  • In addition to Medline Plus educational content, you can now create your own patient education suggestions and Hello Health will automatically suggest relevant educational material for your patients when a patient meets the criteria defined in your rules.


  • Immunization features a new status field. In addition to being able to differentiate between an Immunization that is administered in the visit or planned as part of the Patient Care Plan, you can also document reasons why a recommended vaccine was not administered -- for instance, because of patient refusal.
  • You can now document if a vaccine was partially administered.
  • Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) Eligibility Codes can be documented.
  • Your practice can now be integrated with your state’s Immunization Registry to automatically send Immunization data. If you are in a jurisdiction where an immunization registry is capable of accepting EHR data according to the required standards, first sign up with the registry and contact the Customer Experience Team to plan your integration.
    • Once integrated with your state Immunization Registry, all relevant immunization entries (added, updated or deleted) will automatically be sent.

Syndromic Surveillance

  • If you are in a jurisdiction where a public health agency is capable of accepting EHR data according to the required standards, sign up with the agency and contact the Customer Experience Team to plan your integration.
    • Once integrated with your state agency, all relevant diagnoses (based on PHIN’s list of diseases) will automatically be sent when finishing a visit.

Clinical Quality Measures (CQM)

  • Notice that the list of available Clinical Quality Measures has been updated.
  • CQM report generation workflow was improved. When you generate the report, instead of having to wait for the results, you will receive the report in your Hello Health secure message “System and Direct” mailbox.
  • In addition to a human readable format, an XML file is also generated if you wish to submit your results to a third party.

Other Enhancements

  • Procedure also features a new status field allowing you to document with more precision if a procedure has been done during the visit (as opposed to a procedure being planned as part of the patient Care Plan).
  • A new Abatement Date field allows documenting when a medical condition has been resolved or became inactive.
  • Your patients are now able to view, download and send themselves via Direct Message their Summary Care Record in PortalConnect.
    • Note that any clinical data you did not share with them (whether a medical condition, a visit documentation section or a specific lab result) will not be exported in the summary care record when exported by a patient.


For full details, access our online videos, offering a closer look at the most recent changes in the Hello Health platform.


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.