Release Note – Nov. 13, 2014

Visit Cancellation Allowed for Started Visits

You are now allowed to cancel a started visit or mark a visit as "no show" even if the visit has been started. This is useful when desiring to cancel a visit to which documentation was added (e.g. to which some templates were applied), but for which the patient was not seen. To cancel a started visit, open the visit documentation and choose the preferred option in the visit menu. Note that you may not be able to cancel a visit linked to orders, superbills and/or invoices.

Appointment Category Visibility for Online Booking

You can now choose which appointment categories patients can see when they book online. By default, all existing appointment categories are visible, but you can change this from the appointment categories configuration screen (Admin/Settings/Scheduling).


  • You can now create and use templates for the "comments" field found in the Immunization screen.
  • Access to Physical Exam templates has been moved next to the Additional Notes field.

Plus: bug fixes and general enhancements!


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