Release Note – Feb. 12, 2015

Lab Custom Panels

  • Custom Panels can now be created to quickly complete lab orders. Look for the “Select from custom panels” link in the Order Codes section.
  • An option also allows custom panels to be shared with all providers in the practice. Only the provider who created the shared panel can edit it, but all can view and use.
  • You can manage custom panels from the Admin/ Settings / Labs section or directly from lab ordering (look for the “Manage custom panels” link).
  • For each test in the panel, you can use a “Display Name” that will display in the quick selection window.

Frequently Used Procedures - Display Name

  • To more easily manage the selection of frequently used procedures configured in Admin / Settings / Billing and Procedures section, you can now enter a “Display Name” for each procedure in the list. The display name will be seen in the quick selection window.


  • The CSV export now includes a column specifying the practice location for visit-related invoices.
  • A “Select Supplies” option is available when editing an invoice, allowing you to easily search available supplies and select multiple supplies at a time.
  • When searching or filtering invoices, it is now possible to select multiple providers and multiple invoice types.
  • For invoices paid with a credit card, the last credit card number digits are now available to help with invoice reconciliation.

Med Renewal Requests From Patients

  • Patients with a membership plan can now more easily use PortalConnect to send prescription renewal requests to their providers. Patient requests will be received via secure messages that will include the patient name, date of birth and the list of medications for which renewals are requested.

Labs and Vital Signs Trending (For customers qualifying for the Gold program)

  • From any lab results screen, you can easily view trending (table or graph) information in the test results. Look for the “View Flowsheet” link in the top right menu in the results page.
  • A new Flowsheet section is available (under the Labs section in the patient record) providing access to table and graph views for vitals and labs trending.
  • It is also possible to create templates that can be shared with other providers in your practice to quickly see trending information for patients.


  • Archived Labs are now also exported in the Clinical Summaries and Summary Care Records.

Plus: other bug fixes and general enhancements!


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