Release Note – March 5, 2015

Visit Documentation Enhancements

  • New Field
    • A “Medical (General) History” text field has been added to the Visit documentation.
    • The content of this field can easily be carried over from one visit to another. Simply apply the “last visit template," an option that applies specifically to this field. You can also choose a different visit to import from, or use custom templates.
    • You can choose to share this field with the patient if you wish this information to appear in his/her visit notes. It is not shared by default.
  • EHR Summary
    • You can now see the free-text information contained in Family History in the EHR summary of the visit note.
  • Manual Timer
    • A chronometer is now available in the visit documentation header for the provider. The provider can manually start and stop the chronometer to calculate the visit duration.

Drawing Attention to Possible Date of Birth Issues (patient card)

  • This functionality highlights improbable dates of birth in the patient card.

Fax In Sender Contact Name

  • If you receive a fax from one of your contacts documented in the rolodex (available from the Export/Import and Order features), the name of the sender will be displayed in the fax of the subject.

PortalConnect – More Educational Content for Patients

  • To enhance the benefits of subscribing to the Portal, patients will have direct access to relevant information on the MedlinePlus patient education site.
    • Links to diagnoses and medications will be automatically available from the shared visit notes.
    • Links to lab results will be available from the lab details.

Plus: bug fixes!


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