Release Note – April 9, 2015

Invoice Management Enhancements

  • The Invoices dashboard accessible from the Admin menu and the Invoices section of a patient record have been revamped.
    • More search options now allow you to search by invoice #, by provider and by patient.
    • You can now save the invoice list to CSV from those screens as well.
    • Payment by check is now also supported in those sections.
  • Creating custom invoices is now easier!
    • You can now also create custom invoices directly from the Invoices window that is accessible from the patient card menu (look for the Create Invoice option at the top-right corner of the screen)
    • It is now possible to save a custom invoice and edit it later, before billing.
    • Note that for the Create Invoice option to be available, you must make sure that only one (1) provider is selected in the Provider filter (drop-down menu). If more than one provider is selected, the option will be grayed out.
  • Note that you can now find the Save to CSV option under the Invoices action menu (menu_icon) at the top-right corner of the screen

PortalConnect Subscribers Can Now Confirm Their Appointments!

  • PortalConnect users have yet another way to help you save time!
    • When they receive their Appointment Reminder email, subscribers can confirm their presence simply by clicking a button
    • Works from their smartphone (Android, iPhone, ...)
    • All they need is an active membership plan (and a valid email address on file)
  • Hello Health users can see who confirmed their presence:
    • From the Schedule, in List view.
      • A checkmark will appear next to the appointment date.
      • Putting your mouse over the checkmark will let you know when the appointment was confirmed.
    • From the Panel, by selecting the Visits view.
      • The date of the confirmation will be displayed for each entry.
      • This information is also available when exporting the list while in Visits view.

Plus: bug fixes!


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