Release Note – May 14, 2015

Visit Documentation Timer

The timer in the visit documentation no longer pauses when you navigate to other sections of Hello Health.

  • You must still click the Start button to start recording the visit duration.
  • You can pause or stop the timer anytime by clicking the Stop button.
  • The timer also stops when you:
    • Return to the patient visit list
    • Close the patient record
    • Log out of Hello Health

Patient Name and DOB in Invoice Export

When exporting an invoice, the patient name and date of birth now also appear in the header. Therefore, if a patient has a guarantor, exported invoices will now include both the guarantor (“Bill to”) and patient’s name.

Invoices: Billing Problems Warning

When a patient has invoices that are due or in problem, a red warning bar now display in the patient card. You can click on the warning bar to quickly view the list of invoices to find which ones are outstanding.

Plus: bug fixes!


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