Release Note – May 28, 2015

PortalConnect Revamp

  • Layout and usability enhancements: PortalConnect now features a new look for the home page and the menus. Users can click on their picture in the upper right hand corner of the screen to manage their account or to access shared accounts of other family members.
  • Freemium access limited to reading secure messages: Patients who do not have a membership plan will still be able to view their secure messages but will no longer have access to other sections in PortalConnect.

Transfer Started Visits

  • Staff users can now transfer visits from one provider to another even if the visit documentation has been started.
  • You must be aware that upon visit transfer from a provider to another:
    • The new provider will be documented as the author of any visit data that has not been saved to the patient record (e.g. free text fields, diagnoses, procedures, etc.).
    • Any previously created order (e.g. lab orders, prescriptions, orders, immunizations, etc.) will appear in the patient record with the original provider as the author.
  • If you do not want your staff members to be allowed to transfer “started” visits, contact Customer Support.

Providers Can Transfer Visits

  • A provider can now take over a visit using the new “Transfer Visit to Me” option. Simply access the visit list in the patient record and use the “Transfer Visit to Me” option that is available in both the pen icon and the visit documentation menus.
  • IMPORTANT: Note that once a visit is transferred, it will no longer appear as a visit that was once managed by the original provider. However, you can always access the Appointment History (through the visit's pen icon menu), which includes visit-related update events.

Privilege to Finish Visits

  • The “Finish” visit functionality is now a privilege that can either be turned on or off for the providers in your practice. Contact Customer Support if your require to remove the option to finish a visit of any provider user in your practice.

Plus: bug fixes!


If after using our tools you need additional help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can reach us by email or by calling 1-866-779-1536.