Release Note – June 10, 2015

Revamped Prescription and Medication Lists

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Enhanced Prescription Workflow - Medications and Supplies
Revamped Medication List and Concepts

Concept and Terminology Changes

  • Current and Past Medications are now referred to as Active and Inactive Medications. In the All view, use the Active Only checkbox to either hide or display inactive medication groups.
    Note that the active and inactive notions apply to a medication group
  • The Current concept (view) now refers to a view that lists the last prescription occurrence for each of the active patient medications.
    • The EHR now only displays the list of current medications (the medications the patient is currently taking on a regular basis). To view all medications, including inactive meds or previous prescriptions for an active medication, go to the Prescriptions section of the patient record.
    • Note that the EHR Summary now also displays the list of current medications
  • When adding a medication:
    • Select “Prescribe” to electronically prescribe or print a new prescription for the patient.
    • Select the “Document to EHR” functionality for the completion of the patient medical record by documenting medications the patient is currently taking (active medication) or has taken in the past (inactive medication), even if you do not have to write a prescription for him/her.
    • When entering information in the visit documentation, select “Administer Med” to document a medication you have given to the patient during the visit.

Managing Medication Groups

  • A medication group can contain many prescriptions. To manage the medication group, click the pen icon next to it, and:
    • Select View/Edit Med Group to modify attributes of the group such as the status (active or inactive), the start and end dates to indicate how long the patient has been taking the medication or to add general notes regarding this medication (e.g. reason to discontinue its use or medical problem for which the patient is taking this medication).
    • Select Set to Inactive (or Set to Active) to quickly change the status of a medication group.
  • To reorganize your medication groups (i.e. create new groups or move a prescription from one group to another), select a prescription, click the pen icon to the right and select the “Move” option.

Supplies Now Supported

  • You can now prescribe any type of supply. After selecting Prescribe, select the “Supply” toggle button and then search through the supply list.
    • The supply you are looking for is not in the list? First make sure you have selected the Supply toggle button and then click the Create Custom link in the upper right corner.

New Notes Field

  • The medication group’s Notes field allows for the documentation of general information such as the reason for taking a med, feedback from the patient regarding secondary effects, and, in case of termination, the reason for the discontinuation of the med, etc.
    • These Notes are not sent to the pharmacy, but are visible to patients in PortalConnect.
    • Do not confuse Notes for a medication group with the Notes to Pharmacy in the Details section that allow you to communicate, to the pharmacy, additional patient-specific information related to the prescription that cannot be documented in the other prescription fields

Other Prescription Enhancements

  • Renewing multiple medications is now easier. Once the medications and/or supplies you want to renew are selected, the edition screen will display all meds in one simple screen for you to review and edit, if required.
    • If there are controlled substances amongst the medications to renew, you will be presented with available options for these medications
  • Note that you can now view the EHR Summary from the prescription edition screen. Use the toggle button to either hide or change the width of the EHR Summary section
  • Use the Substitution Allowed and Not Allowed toggle button to indicate to the pharmacy whether or not substitutions are allowed for this medication.


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